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We understand that your financial goals are as unique as you are. That’s why we offer a tailored Portfolio Management Service designed to empower you on your journey to financial success.

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    What are Portfolio Management Services?

    The stock market looks like a lucrative trading & investment platform to all of us. But, as revealed by many researches, direct equity investors often leave the stock market disappointed due to reducing portfolios, falling wealth, or losses. Managing an equity portfolio is not an easy task. It requires a constant eye on it for removing the slow-moving stocks, ensuring diversification across industries, and many more time-consuming tasks.

    Portfolio management requires a specific skill set that converts your investments into meaningful gains over a period of time. PMS are highly recommended for individuals or institutions that intend to build an equity portfolio to create long-term wealth.

    What are the benefits of PMS?

    As already mentioned, Portfolio Management Services are advisable for both individual & institutional investors who desire to make an investment portfolio for long-term wealth acquisition. Let’s say, Mr Khanna has Rs 10 lakh to invest for the medium-to-long term. Till now, he has been saving his money in bank deposits & Post office schemes only. But now, he wants to taste the market but he has limited experience of the Capital markets. The thought of losing entire capital scares him whereas he is willing to take moderate risk. If Mr Khanna picks up shares basis his limited knowledge, it is highly likely that, the portfolio might run into losses. Even if he would earn profits on certain part of the portfolio but is it actually possible for him to keep a track of market the entire day, study charts, exit at the right moment? No, its not!

    That’s exactly where the role of a professionally qualified Portfolio Manager crops up. He would suggest the best scripts for your portfolio as per your risk appetite ensure diversification to various industries & small/mid & large cap companies and keep an eye on right exit & entry levels. In true sense, your portfolio manager manages your money while the control still remains in your hands. If given a task to manage Rs 10 lakh, the portfolio manager will divide funds in following manner (just an example)

    1. Equity : Debt funds (70:30) – depending on client’s risk appetite
    2. Small/ mid/ large cap company’s stock- depending on risk & earning potential
    3. Mutual Funds
    4. SIPs
    5. Tax saving investments etc.

    On sight of it, PMS looks like an expensive package, isn’t it? But the truth is that it is not so. This is because of ‘High watermark principal’ laid down by SEBI. This principal has mandated charging a client of PMS only in case of true capital enhancement (profits). Thus, PMS is a low-cost solution of building wealth over the long term.

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    Why Sanguine Capital?

    Being in the industry for over a decade now gives Sanguine Capital an edge over the others in Portfolio Management Services. Still, following are the benefits, to list a few, of partnering with us in managing your portfolio:

    1. We have joined hands with the industry leaders: Sanguine Capital has partnered with Motilal Oswal & Narnolia for Portfolio management services. Both are renowned names in the Financial & capital market industry. Partnering with the industry experts gives us access to their well-researched data that further strengthens our decisions to invest.
    2. Transparency: As mentioned earlier, control of the account is held by the client only. Our portfolio service manager only guides or suggests the right investment at the right time. This makes entire system completely transparent to the client. He can access portfolio statement, P&L, transaction statement at any time. Apart from this, a periodical statement is also sent to client for records.
    3. Constant tracking: Key to wealth creation is constant monitoring or tracking to maximize returns. Your relationship manager at Sanguine Capital will track each and every investment for you & help in wealth creation.
    4. Risk control/ Diversification: An important aspect of portfolio managements is managing risk. This is one of the most critical reasons why many people hire professionally trained portfolio managers because each investment has its own unique risk element attached to it. It is the job of your manager to ensure proper diversification of funds and control risk.
    5. Dedicated Relationship manager: It goes without saying, that our PMS come with a dedicated relationship manager who is responsible for tracking & managing all the investments & suggest the right moves at right time. He would be your one-point-contact for any query or requirement w.r.t your account.

    No two clients have the same risk appetite & investment requirement. Thus, the Portfolio management services are tailor-made for every client post discussions & complete understanding his/her unique requirement. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on +91 9818108053 for PMS discussion.

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    Portfolio Management Services in Faridabad and Delhi NCR

    If you’re looking for the best portfolio management services in Faridabad and Delhi NCR, Sanguine Capital is an excellent option to choose. We take great pride in providing transparent and reliable financial solutions. Our experienced team of experts is committed to creating investment plans that complement your unique financial objectives and risk tolerance. We aim to make informed decisions for our clients since we recognize how dynamic the financial world is. Our mission is to support you in efficiently managing risks and maximizing profits, whether you’re an institutional client, a family office, or an individual investor.

    Sanguine Capital offers straightforward, reliable, and efficient portfolio management services that put your financial security first.