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Moneylife Advisory Services

Launched in the year 2006, Moneylife is a SEBI registered online financial planner. We solicit unbiased & well researched advisory services that cover all your financial needs including, investment & wealth management. Our entire team is aligned to just one goal of providing ethical, consumer benefitting advisory and support services.

Although, we encourage financial education and also offer the complete package of resourceful services: Investment products, Market Timing & Asset Allocation tools, and risk profiling to help our clients who have no time to study charts or read research reports before Investing.

MoneyLife Founders

Our Founders make us proud not only of their qualifications & experiences but also for their non-compromising & ethical approach of providing advisories & decision making.

Debashis Basu is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with three decades of experience as a journalist and the author of several business books...

Debashis Basu brings to the table a varied experience & in-depth understanding of business, regulatory necessities, Finance & markets. He has extensive work experience with leading names like Time of India, Business World, Business India, Business Today and Financial Express.

Founder of Moneylife, Debashis Basu is an author of  some of the finest books on Financial market scams like, Face Value: Creation and Destruction of Shareholder Value in India; Growth Alchemy: Why Smaller Firms Fail to Find Finance and How Market-based Solutions Can Help; Pathbreakers 1&2 and Plain Truth Series on Stocks, Mutual Funds and Investments. Also, he is a co-author of the best-selling book: The Scam: From Harshad Mehta to Ketan Parekh with Sucheta Dalal.

Having served as an esteemed member of the SEBI task force that created IndoNext market segment for smaller companies & its Mutual Fund advisory committee, he can be termed as a knowledge bank with complete exposure of the ground reality in Indian Financial markets.

At Moneylife Mr. Basu heads the research and reporting on financial products along with its overall design & business.

Sucheta Dalal is among the best known financial journalists in India. Her three decades of outstanding investigative reporting spans...

An award-winning Business Journalist & author, Ms. Sucheta Dalal has also been awarded many awards: Chameli Devi Award for her outstanding work in journalism & Femina woman of substance Award in 1993. Ms. Dalal was also awarded a Padmashree award in the year 2006 for her contribution towards the investigative journalism that exposed scams like Harshad Mehta, Enron, bad loans in banks and many more.

She was a member of the NR Narayana Murthy committee on corporate governance in 2003, a part of the primary market advisory committee of SEBI and a member of Investor Education and Protection Fund of the Government of India.

At Moneylife Ms. Dalal directs the current news & socially oriented reporting along with her tasks as a Founder of the Company. She is also directly involved in the grievance redressal activities.

Learn From Market Leaders

Learn from Ms. Suchita Dalal how she works for unbiased research for Investors.

Learn from Mr. Debashish Basu how Investment help a common man for selecting good Stocks which will added to your potfolio for wealth creation.

MAS offers 3 Premium Products.


Return: 43.22%

Annualised (includes dividend)
Since 25th April’ 2014

Returns updated quarterly

Focus: Small caps and / or low-priced stocks


One who runs the fastest out of the lot. No one can beat them but yes they are extremely volatile and come with a lot of risks.
Panther stocks include the small-cap & the low-priced stocks. Our Panther stocks have given a return 41.3%.


Return: 34.94%

Annualised (includes dividend)
Since January 2012

Returns updated quarterly

Focus: More mid-caps, some large caps


Fast but cautious at times. These stock-letters represent a mix of mid-cap stocks & a few large caps to keep the investments safer.
As per record, Antelope stocks have a yield of more than 33%.


Return: 31.65%

Annualised (includes dividend)
Since January 2012

Returns updated quarterly

Focus: More large-caps, some midcaps


Powerful yet calculative. They grow fast but also take the surroundings & threats into consideration. Lion stocks are mainly the large-caps and a few mid-caps.
Majorly preferred by new investors with limited knowledge of financial markets, Lion stock has given around 31% return in the past.

Why Trust us?

Fiercely Pro-consumer

  • We are not a stockbrokers pushing tips
  • We are not a distributor out to sell products
  • Honest opinions about financial products
  • Unbiased solutions backed by ethical research

Fiercely Pro-consumer

  • No commissions
  • No churning
  • No incentives-driven sales
  • You are not a quarterly sales target
  • You are protected from mis-selling

Fiercely Pro-consumer

  • Proven record of advocacy for savers
  • Proven record of ethical approach
  • Moneylife Foundation: India’s large voice of savers
  • Born out of our interactions with thousands of consumer
  • We hold your hand all through

MAS Subscription

This service is for exclusive members who sign up for the membership program of Money-life advisory. We issue stock-letters basis the client’s risk appetite, time frame & returns expected. These are a source of information to our clients on the chosen 16 stocks (16 in each stock-letter) that would help them research further in detail and decide.

Type of Subscription

Offer Gross Amt. Add GST @18% Offer Price

Annual Price of ANY ONE (Panther OR Lion OR Antelope)
Rs. 3600 Rs.648 Rs.4248

Annual Combo Price of ANY TWO (from Panther, Lion, Antelope )
Rs. 5760 Rs.1037 Rs.6797

Special Annual Price of ALL THREE ( Panther, Lion, Antelope)
Rs. 8640 Rs.1555 Rs.10195

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